About us

You are welcomed by the company LINARA – MEZGA. The company is a professional in the field of high fashion and individual creation. We design models for women seeking for exclusive knitwear, which we make only of natural eco-friendly materials such as Merino wool, 100% wool for felting, linen, cotton and silk.

Our philosophy is modern and easy to wear clothes for a contemporary woman, that is why we create for you with love and pleasure.

Product delivery.

The company has been known in Europe since 1997. Many years of experience and professionalism of the employees of the company enable to offer exclusively high quality products, whereas the company’s flexible outlook ensures a simplified order and prompt delivery of already manufactured products for European customers.
Moreover, there is a strong focus on our product quality.

Orders are welcome throughout the year, so our delivery terms are particularly favourable for customers. Usually, we can deliver products within 3-6 weeks, but in exceptional cases, we can deliver the products already on the third day after the order submission.

We supply our products mainly to retail companies, however you can contact us and we will refer you to the closest point of sale. If you have any questions, our agents will be happy to contact you and answer them.

Product information.

Production models are designed exceptionally by us in collaboration with the Swiss designer, and twice a year we can offer you new collections.

Clothes can be made from XS to XXXL sizes.

Our main product range includes linen and wool knitwear. A great choice of colours allows us to offer you a multicoloured collection of one model, as well as an option to combine colours according to each woman’s individual taste. We can produce a single exclusive piece made of wool.

Linen products are extremely pleasant to wear in any season. Since all linen products are washed and softened, they are pleasant to wear and allow your skin to breathe in summer, while in winter, combined with cotton, they gently cling to your body and warm you up. We can offer the following available yarn compositions: 50 % linen and 50 % cotton, 70 % linen and 30 % cotton, as well as 100 % linen.

You will feel really comfortable and look exceptional while wearing your favourite vests, lightweight blouses, elegant jackets, dresses and tunics of different models, skirts, ponchos and cloaks, scarves and a variety of other knitted accessories.

In the winter you won’t definitely go wrong wearing a warm Merino wool scarf or a lightweight and thin, however warm felted wool jacket or dress. Dressed in an openwork knit blouse and embroidered colourful tunic you will have an exclusive look.

A short-sleeved felted wool dress will match perfectly with wrist warmers and a handmade necklace.
The news of the season – felted wool and linen mix that looks great and is comfortable to wear.

We use only natural and eco-friendly products, so buttons are made of cattle horn and sea shells. Zippers are made of polished nickel and are extremely soft. They are particularly suitable for our delicate knitted clothes.